The Real Dill - Pickles, Caraway Garlic Dill

The Real Dill - Pickles, Caraway Garlic Dill

100% Natural

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/ 32oz / 946ml bottle
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Caraway Garlic Dills are a take on a more traditional dill pickle. Loaded with toasted caraway and tons of freshly minced garlic, they are super flavorful and a tasty non-spicy option. Great in Bloody Mary's, eaten directly out of the jar, next to a sandwich, or loaded up on a classic Chicago dog.

Justin Park & Tyler DuBoishad each been making pickles on their own, just for fun. Good friends, they would share their goods with each other, comparing notes. After exchanging recipes for a while they finally made a batch together with fresh ingredients from Tyler’s garden. The batch led to a “pickle epiphany.” 

The pickles – the first ever version of their Jalapeño Honey Dills – were so unique, crunchy, flavorful, and just plain gorgeous looking that they decided that they needed to do something with their creation. They spent the better part of the next two years developing new recipes, drawing inspiration from unique ingredients that they loved to cook with but had not necessarily been typically associated with pickles. 

After making a batch for all the guests at Justin’s wedding and giving them away as favors, they kept getting calls, emails and letters asking for more of those “Park Wedding Pickles.” So, after talking a lot about pickles for two years they finally took the leap and launched the brand at Denver farmers markets in the summer of 2012. To this day, they still follow the same recipes they created in their home kitchen, using all natural ingredients and home canning techniques.

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