El Guapo

We originally created a line of bitters for use at a local bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. With mounting pressure from the folks behind Tales of the Cocktail and our fellow local bartenders we decided to create an organization that provided bartenders and consumers with what they wanted.

At El Guapo we only use whole ingredients. No extracts, no essential oils, and no artificial flavorings are added to any of our products. We extract concentrated flavor from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. We source all ingredients locally grown (New Orleans) if available. Other items are chosen as close as we can find to ensure the most regional product we can make.

Our bitters are primarily glycerin based. We extract flavor from ingredients in three ways; glycerin, alcohol, and water. We remove all but a trace of the alcohol before bottling. This allows us to give a more concentrated and varied level of flavor than using only 1 extraction method. While there is little alcohol to carry aromas out of the bottle when you smell, once you add it to an alcoholic beverage it "blooms" and all the aroma will become stronger. Our bitters are designed to be able to be used by everyone and for a variety of applications.

El Guapo Bitters donates that 10% of profits to the Semper Fi Fund for injured Marines.