Flora Luna - aka Monarch

Monarch Bitters Company

Handcrafted from organic and wild harvested roots, barks, aromatic herbs & flowers.  

Inspired by the forgotten cocktails of decades past, Monarch Bitters embodies the inherent alchemy of natural botanical maceration. We use only high-quality spirits in our handcrafted blends, each one made with organic, local or wild harvested, sustainably procured roots, barks, herbs and spices. Our bitters run from the everyday to the unconventional, each teeming with distinct flavor profiles that add depth and character to any beverage. A labor of love, we cultivate small batches over a period of weeks and bottle by hand in Petaluma, CA. 

Monarch Bitters was brought to life in 2015 by Phaedra Achor, a Petaluma, CA native inspired to create her own custom bitters in the spirit of Sonoma County’s local, farm-to-table scene. When mixing up little-known, pre- and post-prohibition cocktails at a party, she discovered how crucial bitters are to the essence of a good cocktail. Due to her long love affair with blending flavors, she took it upon herself to craft and perfect her own. It is Phaedra’s wish to reintroduce Mother Nature’s esoteric flavors into our everyday lives.