Napa Reserve Neutral Brandy 375ml

 Clean, elegant, and well-balanced, our Neutral Brandy boasts a crisp citrus finish and named as one of the top spirits in the world by Wine Enthusiast in 2011.

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/ 375ml bottle
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Best of NVD Spirits

Like raindrops, and roses, and whiskers on kittens, these award winning spirits are some of our favorite things, and combine them all into a cocktail, like 007's signature Vesper, makes us giddy to get these brown paper ( ok cardboard) packages that may or may not be tied up in string.

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Napa Reserve Neutral Brandy 750ml

Napa Reserve Neutral Brandy is our version of Vodka - "The UnVodka".

Napa Reserve is luxuriously smooth, round, with full character and an opulent flavor. This elegant and silky neutral brandy has reminiscent characteristics of sweet grass, lemon, grapefruit, unripe peach, and a long subtle finish with notes of white pepper. Exquisite!

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/ 750ml Bottle