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Sweet Basil Brandy

Napa Valley Distillery
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/ 375ml bottle

Our creativity is guided by two simple questions: Why and Why not? Why do the same as others? Why not make it different? This was the idea for our newest line of NVD products, Table Spirits. Table Spirits are intended to be enjoyed with a meal and to enhance the dining experience. Savor them neat, chilled, or on the rocks. Think of them as another ingredient in the dish, just served on the side. The first in this new line will be our Sweet Basil Flavored Brandy, with many other unique flavors to come!

Basil is part of the Lamiaceae family. This plant family has been used for its medicinal benefits for over 3,000 years, offering sedative, diuretic, antispasmodic and antiseptic qualities. Other members of the Lamiaceae family are mint, lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme (all of which can be easily found at Scarborough Fair, are you going?).

This Basil Flavored Brandy should evoke the crisp and invigorating floral notes of freshly picked basil, with hints of pepper, licorice, and fennel. We encourage you to experiment with this product anywhere you would use mint (think Basil Julep, Basil Mojito, or Basil Hugo), or lean more heavily to the savory side (like a Basil Bloody Mary or Basil Gibson). This spirit is also quite food friendly, either for cooking or pairing (enjoy this table spirit with a rich and hearty Bolognese or something lighter like Pad Thai or Quiche).

So many cocktails today are dominated by fruity and sweet flavors that we often forget about the amazing savory and herbaceous flavors that are available to us, but these herbaceous notes can pair beautifully with the sweet and fruity characters we all know and love! It’s all about balance. Some of our favorite herb/fruit combos are: blackberry & sage, lemon & rosemary, lime & thyme, and strawberry & mint.