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Inna Shrub - TURMERIC Shrub 100ml


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/ 3oz/ 100mL Bottle

So, yes. Inna has made TURMERIC shrub. 

It’s mind-bogglingly delicious: a flavorful floral savory complex thirst-quenching miracle.

Y’all are gonna love it. If your only experience with turmeric is with dried powdered turmeric "spice", you should know that fresh turmeric is incomparable to the dried powder (think of the difference between fresh ginger and dried ginger powder - night and day!). 

To be honest: Our own experience with dried turmeric powder has been disappointing, so originally we were a bit skeptical about how fresh turmeric shrub will turn out.

And we were BLOWN AWAY with how good it is. okay, I think I made my point: this stuff is really great. Enjoy!

To make a shrub soda, mix 1 part shrub to 5-6 parts sparkling water.   

Turmeric shrub mixes beautifully with Rum, Gin, and Whiskey!