Bittered Sling - Clingstone Peach Bitters (120ml)

Bittered Sling - Clingstone Peach Bitters (120ml)

They're peachy!

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/ 4oz / 120ml bottle
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She’s a clinger alright! Remarked as the juiciest, the sweetest and most succulent of all the peaches, the Clingstone’s flesh holds on to the pit for dear life – hence the name. Let your mouth sing with this gorgeous extract, with uplifting spicy back-notes.

This extract contains natural stomach fortifiers, and may relieve high body temperatures and fever, while being a mild digestive. 

Beverage Recommendations This is such a versatile extract – from virgin drinks, to Tiki style cocktails, jazzing up a lemonade or a whiskey sour. It comes across on the palate silky, milky and delicious! 

Cooking Recommendations Fruit curd, poultry sauces and dressings, stuffings, fish cures, ceviche, compound butter for fruit scones and muffins.

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