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B.G. Reynolds' Syrups - Orgeat Syrup

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle
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Orgeat, handcrafted in small batches. How to pronounce Orgeat: Or-zhä(t). This French almond-based sweetener was mostly famously used in the Mai Tai, but has its place in a few other respected classics, such as the Japanese, Suissesse, and a few venerable tropical libations. 

B.G. Reynolds’ Orgeat is made with almonds and cane sugar. Some naturally occurring gum is added to keep the almond oils from separating.

Fearfome Flip 
1 oz Blackstrap Rum 
1 oz Spiced Rum 
.75 oz B.G. Reynolds’ Orgeat 
.25 oz Allspice Dram 
1 Egg 

Shake like holy hell with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and dust with powdered nutmeg.

B.G. Reynolds' Mai Tai 
1 oz Aged Jamacian Rhum 
1 oz Amber Martinique Rhum 
.75 oz Lime Juice 
.5 oz Curaçao 
.75 oz B.G. Reynolds’ Orgeat 

Shake with crushed ice and pour into a double-rocks glass. Garnish with half a spent lime shell and a sprig of mint.