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Addition Cocktail Spice - Cubeb Pepper Tincture

Great with Gin or Old Fashioneds!
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/ 4oz / 118ml bottle

Cubeb Pepper might look similar to black pepper, but it’s more complex and aromatic. The flavor can be described as a combination of black pepper and allspice, and the smell is beautifully perfumy and rich. Cubeb adds an interesting botanical element to Gin drinks, Old Fashioneds, or as a more complex substitute for black pepper.

Old Fashioned with Cubeb Pepper
Cubeb Pepper has a multi-faceted, complex flavor – it has great aromatics, and it has a sweet, almost fruity flavor when first tasted that gives way to a more traditional peppercorn heat in the finish. The progression from sweet to spicy means that it works really well in whiskey-based cocktails. One of our favorites is this take on an Old Fashioned. Cubeb’s sweet/fruity start perfectly complements the sugar, cherry and orange, and the spicy finish adds depth and complexity to the cocktail.

Rocks glass
2oz American Whiskey (we prefer Rye but Bourbon works great too)
One sugar cube
One orange wedge
One Maraschino cherry
Aromatic bitters
2 blasts* Cubeb Cocktail Spice

In a rocks glass, combine the sugar cube, maraschino cherry, orange wedge, a dash of aromatic bitters, 2 blasts* of Cubeb Pepper Cocktail and a splash of water. Muddle all ingredients into a paste. Remove the orange rind. Add a cool, extra-large ice cube (or fill the glass with regular ice cubes) and the whiskey. Stir lightly. ENJOY.

* a blast is a measurement describing one eyedropper of Cocktail Spice – approx 25 drops

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