Kola Syrup

Kola Syrup

Rum and Kola never had it so good!

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/ 8oz / 237ml bottle

In the 1880’s, when Coca-Cola was created, John S. Pemberton used two main ingredients for his “Delicious and Refreshing Beverage”, Coca extract (read: Cocaine) and Kola Nuts. These two ingredients are where the name comes from (the company’s accountant thought using two C’s would look better in advertising). As I am sure you all know, Cocaine is out of the question, so our Kola Syrup will have to do without, but we didn’t skimp on the Kola Nuts.

Indigenous to tropical African rainforests, Kola trees produce a star-shaped fruit that holds about a dozen seeds. These seeds are used in spiritual ceremonies, given as a gift to show respect (especially toward elders), traded as currency for negotiations and sealing deals. We are just using it for flavor in our Napa Valley Distillery Kola Cocktail Syrup. But we didn’t stop there, we wanted to make sure this was a well rounded syrup so we added citrus and turned the spice up to 11! We are sure our syrup will blow you away!  Mix this with your spirit of choice and sparkling water for a quick and easy Kola Kocktail!


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