Bourbon Cordial
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Bourbon Cordial

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We would like to introduce our newest and possibly most exciting spirit to our gambit of craft spirits - the Bourbon Cordial. It is a variation of our ever-popular Brandy Cordial, and we sure had our Whiskey fans in mind when we set out to make this unique spirit. Made with our secret blend of organic cane sugars, this sprit differs from our Brandy Cordial in a few fun ways. It’s bigger, darker, bolder, and oakier!

We think of our Brandy Cordial as elegant and refined like Grace Kelly, and our new Bourbon Cordial as handsome and luxurious like Cary Grant. It has our signature cordial flavors of caramel and burnt sugar, yet the Bourbon adds a surprising and seductive dark and smoky note. Our fearless leader, and NVD proprietor, Arthur Hartunian recommends enjoying our new Bourbon Cordial neat, either as an after dinner tipple or nightcap so to fully appreciate the expression of nuanced flavors. 

Whiskey Liqueur – 40% ALC by VOL.

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