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Napa Valley Distillery - Mai Tai Cockatil
Mai Tai Cocktail - Allergy warning: Contains Real Almonds
Napa Valley Distillery - Mai Tai Cockatil

Mai Tai Cocktail

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United States of America
Napa, CA
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/ 375ml bottle
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When people think about tropical island inspired Tiki drinks, the Mai Tai is one of the first libations that comes to mind. Oddly enough, the origins of the Mai Tai don’t go back to a tropical island at all. Though there is a bit of controversy in regards to the origin of this particular cocktail, the most popular story is that, believe it or not, the Mai Tai originated in Oakland, California. Said to have been created by a man named Victor J. Bergeron, the Mai Tai got its start at Trader Vic’s. Legend has it, Vic made the concoction for a group of friends that happened to be visiting his Tiki themed restaurant. The story goes that after taking one sip of the cocktail, one of his friends exclaimed “Maita’I roa ae!” a Tahitian saying that translates to “Out of this world”.

NVD takes on Tiki! The newest addition to our Oak Blended cocktails is none other than the world famous Mai Tai. Usually we like to put our own little spin on some of the classic cocktails that we make for you here at Napa Valley Distillery. This time around, when making our Mai Tai, we decided to use our own Grand California Orange infused Brandy in place of the Orange Curacao. This batch of Grand California was made specifically for our new Mai Tai cocktail using all natural California Oranges for the bright citrus note for which we were hoping . We were also fortunate enough to partner with El Guapo Bitters, who made a bespoke batch of Orgeat Syrup for us. Blended together with fresh lime and our NVD Craft Rum, we were able to create a refreshing Tiki Cocktail that brings forth visons of a tropical island vacation. We recommend pouring this oak infused cocktail over crushed ice, and garnishing with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint. Cheers!