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Taylor Stroud
November 30, 2018 | || Meet the Team || | Taylor Stroud

Theodore Alexander - Tour Director & Spirited Specialist

Tour Director

& Spirited Specialist

Everyone, meet Theodore – Napa Valley Distillery’s Grand Tasting Salon Tour Director!

Theodore was born and raised in Sonoma County and currently lives in Napa. He’s been working for our Distillery since July 2015 – and in the words of Theodore, it all started with “a curly mustache and a fancy waistcoat.”

His cousins-in-law were bar Club Members and brought him to a tasting one night at the Distillery. The tasting made Theodore fall in love with our spirits (especially our Old Hollywood Ginn, which he still considers his favorite to this day!). Theodore was working as a bartender at the time and had a lot of questions. His cousin made a joke that he looked like the guys behind our bar and that maybe he should work there. Theodore jokingly asked if they were hiring – and the answer was yes. The next day he dropped off his resume, was interviewed on the spot and the rest is history.

As Tour Director, Theodore leads tours and tastings at our Distillery’s main location, facilitates our guests’ experiences and is one of the chief trainers for all new employees. In the years to come, Theodore would like to have a small hand in the manufacturing of our spirits. He would love to see the Distillery produce a bottled Sazerac sometime soon. 

Theodore is currently a licensed Certified Specialist of Spirits, as awarded by the Society of Wine Educators. This basically makes him the guy to ask for knowledge of any and all things booze. He hopes within the next 5 years to become a Certified Spirits Educator to take his expertise to the next level. He would also like to continue adding his own flavor to our tour program at the Grand Tasting Salon. 

When Theodore goes out, he enjoys a French 75 or a Rum Fashioned (even though he once was served one with 1/8 cup of sugar by mistake). One of his favorite spots in Napa is Tannery Bend Beerworks, where they have a beer that’s been aged in our Brandy Cordial barrels!

Come do a tour and tasting with Theodore sometime!


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