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Ian Winget
December 31, 2017 | || Cocktail Recipes ||, Old Hollywood Ginn | Ian Winget

New Year's Day Ginn Fizz



aka NVD Old Hollywood Ginn Fizz:


You may have noticed that we spend a lot of time discussing and writing recipes for Gin and other Fizzes. Well, what can we say other than we absolutley love them and thus we continuiously find new and interesting ways to make them. We hope you enjoy!

This easy-peasy recipe is perfect when you are entertaining and want to make a quick and easy version of the classic Ramos Fizz. Using a blender removes the pain of dry shaking leaving you and your guests with the great pleasure of Ginn Fizz CONSUMPTION.

This recipe is especially nice if you have imbibed a bit more than usual the night before. Please note: The NVD Booze Crew loves the craft of the traditional Ramos Fizz.

We also love this version as it is perfect for larger batches which are perfect and so convenient when you are entertaining on New Year's Day, Sunday Brunch, or Wednesday for breakfast ;-) Cheers!




Makes 1 batch = 4-8 Ginn Fizzes

6oz NVD Old Hollywood Ginn
4oz Organic Half and Half
2oz Organic egg whites from a carton
1.5oz Organic rich syrup (2:1 Sugar to water)
1 tsp Orange Blossom Water
1.25oz Organic fresh lime juice
1.25oz Organic fresh lemon juice

Garnish: Ground Nutmeg









Harware: Blender, measuring cups, teaspoon

Glassware: Cocktail Coupes or Champagne glasses (wine glasses are fine if you that's what you have)


Set out glassware.

Measure all ingredients out first. 

1. Fill blender half full with ice.

2. Add NVD OH Ginn, H&H, egg whites, rich syrup, orange blossom water and blend on high until there are no ice chunks left and all ingredients are incorporated  - 15 - 45 seconds depending on your blender.

3. Stop blender. Add lime and lemon juices. Blend again on high for 10 seconds.

4. Taste. Adjust ingredients to your taste (maybe add more Ginn, syrup, more citrus juices, or more orange blossom water) but don't stray too far. 

5. Immediatly fill glasses evenly and sprinkle with nutmeg and serve. 

Keep any remaining liquid in the fridge to top off your guest's glasses. 



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