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Napa Valley Distillery Mai Tai

The NVD Mai Tai

Nothing makes you feel like you're enjoying a relaxing island vacation quite like a Mai Tai. This tropical cocktail is citrusy sweet, with a delicate balance of island spices. Though there is a little discrepancy over whether it was created in Oakland or Los Angeles, everyone agrees that this tasty cocktail brings the beach to any party! Cheers!

Difficulty Level 1 

2 oz NVD Daiquiri Cocktail
1 oz NVD Rumslinger Rum
.5 oz NVD Meyer Lemon Variety
.25 oz El Guapo Orgeat
6-8 drops NVB Island Time Bitters  

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain itno a coupe.




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