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Caramel Nightcap

Caramel Nightcap LEVEL: 3 

• 2 oz Napa Valley Distillery - Napa Valley Cocktail* 
• .25 oz Napa Valley Distillery - Ancho León* 
• .25 oz Liber & Co. - Grenadine* 
• .5 oz lemon juice 
• 3 oz boiling water 
• 1 teabag English Breakfast tea 
• 1/2 Sweet Jules caramel* 
• 6 drops Underberg Bitters* 
• 6 drops Napa Valley Bitters - Antique Chocolate Bitters (optional) 

• 1 lemon wheel 
• 1 cinnamon stick 


Prepare a mug with the caramel, teabag, and cinnamon stick (if available). Add the first 5 ingredients to a mixing glass, making sure to add the hot water last. Stir briefly and strain into the prepared mug. Float with bitters. Garnish with lemon wheel and serve with swizzle stick. Note: Each of the four flavored caramels impart a unique character on this cocktail. It’s like four cocktails in one! Try all four flavors! Enjoy and repeat responsibly. 

* Ingredients included in the December 2015 Bar Club Package 

Created exclusively for NVD by mixologist Aaron Lahey.


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