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Panama Rye

History in a glass
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/ 375ml bottle

Panama Rye is a name we took form a Whiskey that hasn't been made in almost 100 years. Our founder Arthur found an old government issue inventory form for a product made by the Napa Valley Wine Co. & Distillery before Prohibition. This inspired us to take a stab at our own version of a Rye Whiskey.

With 95% rye in the mash, and being aged over two years makes this a Straight Rye Whiskey, but we didnt stop there. We decided to finish this Rye in Napa Valley Late Harvest Chardonnay barrels for six months, which brings a fruity element to this already peppery Whiskey. 

Try our Grand Rye Old Fashioned:

1.5 oz Panama Rye

.75 oz Grand California

2-5 drops of DRAM Black Bitters

Build in a rocks glass with ice, stir and enjoy!