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Wild Hibiscus - B'lure Blue Flower Extract

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/ 3.4oz / 100ml bottle
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The world's first produced commercial butterfly pea flower extract - designed for the creatives in the cocktail and food industry and food and cocktail lovers.

A high concentration extract from the butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea). Butterfly pea flower is known as Dok Anchan in Thailand. Traditionally served as a delicious welcome iced tea to travelers in Thailand, it has an amazing vivid blue color which can change to royal purple and then bright pink when lime juice (acid) is added. The floral extract is also used to color rice, desserts and crepes and for a herbal tea believed by the Thai people to have healing powers.

Use b'Lure straight out of the dropper bottle. Natural blue is quite rare and sourcing the flowers can be labor intensive and expensive. We have done the hard work for you by sourcing, gathering and extracting the flowers and making the product ready to use in a handy dropper bottle. 

Just three ingredients - butterfly pea flowers, sugar and water.

Use like a bitters - just a few drops per cocktail for vibrant blue or purple color.  
Natural food & drinks coloring
Ice, molecular mixology, foams, liquor infusions, jelly layers, shots, 2-part drink presentations, plate paint, atomiser sprays, frosting, icing, cakes, deserts, macaroons, etc

Naturally bright blue. Changes from blues to purples & pinks depending on surrounding light & the acidity (pH) of the drink or food it is mixed with. More Acid = More Purple - It is blue at pH 8 to pH 4. It changes to royal purple at pH 3 and to bright pink at pH 2.

Butterfly peas have a a neutral taste and very mild aroma kind of like peas, in some preparations there is no evidence of taste or aroma just the pure blue color. 
Mild flavor
Adds a natural sweetness
Mixes well with herbs & spices

High source of anthocyanin antioxidants
In Thai herbal medicine Butterfly Pea is used for improving memory, circulation and eyesight.