Small Batch Hand Sanitizer - 16oz Spray Top

Small Batch Hand Sanitizer - 16oz Spray Top

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/ 16 oz

This spray atomizer bottle lasts 5 times longer than gel bottles!

Napa Valley Distillery’s Small Batch Hand Sanitizer is available in limited quantities and for a limited time only. We want to get back to making Gin and Whiskey again! For now, we hope this will help slow the spread.

Instead of the standard 62.5% alcohol content required by the FDA, our Hand Sanitizer is made at a whopping 80%! It’s made by first denaturing our premium ethanol (alcohol) using hydrogen peroxide and other natural ingredients. This renders it not drinkable and to be used for external use only. We then add natural essences and aloe meant to keep your hands soft and moisturized.

It’s really pretty good stuff if we can say so ourselves!

**If you are a first responder or work for an essential business (ie: hospital) in need of bulk supply please contact us directly here to see how we can better suit your needs!

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