Rumslinger Rum - Bourbon Barrel

Rumslinger Rum - Bourbon Barrel

Napa Valley Distillery

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/ 375ml bottle
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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, “We love Rum!” This is not just an idle or passing statement of affection. Rather, it is a ring-in-hand-on-one-knee declaration of love. 

Napa Valley Distillery is proud to present to you our very first Rum. It is a very special offering that requires a little explanation. We chose to age our Rum in 10-15 gal former Bourbon barrels which have kissed our Rum with a generous tint of color and a tantalizing Bourbon note. Unlike any Rum we’ve ever tasted, we highly recommend enjoying this Rum neat, or in your favorite island inspired libations. Also, try it in a Rum Old Fashioned. Delish! 

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