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Pickett's - #3 Ginger Beer Syrup Hot n' Spicy


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/ 16oz / 473ml bottle
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Turn up the heat with a bottle of Pickett’s #3 Ginger Beer concentrated syrup!

By mixing just 1 ounce of concentrated syrup with 5 ounce of seltzer water you can create 6 ounces of delicious, fiery ginger beer! That means one 16 oounce bottle of syrup makes 96 ounces of finished soda.

Made with all-natural ingredients including ginger extract, a natural spice blend, cane sugar, and citric acid, you can feel good about serving a kicked up version of your favorite Moscow Mule and other ginger inspired cocktails.

Pickett’s Ginger Beer Concentrate makes a hot addition to any home or commercial bar. Pick up your bottle today!