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Peppermint Flavored Neutral Brandy

Napa Valley Distillery

United States of America
Napa, CA
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Our creativity is guided by two simple questions, Why and Why not?  Why do the same as others, and why not make it different?  This was the idea for our line of table spirits.  Table spirits are intended to be enjoyed with a meal and to enhance the dining experience.  Savor them neat, chilled or on the rocks.  Our Peppermint flavored Neutral Brandy is equally great for cocktails!

Peppermint is one of the oldest herbs to be used in both culinary and medicial products.  The cooling effects of peppermint oil works great for muscle or nerve pain and has long been used for stomach issues.  Mint has widely been used in teas, cookies and to flavor sauces.  It is a great component to brighten any dish.

Our Peppermint flavored Neutral Brandy evokes that sweet peppery scent and taste we all know and lone with peppermint.  Our secret to rounding out this lovely essence is to kiss the final product with a hint of vanilla to soften and delight the spirit.  The holidays just got a little bit better with this gem!

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