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Napa Reserve Neutral Brandy 375ml

Clearly a Spirit worth keeping around!

United States of America
Napa, CA
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/ 375ml bottle
SKU: NVD-NB-375ml

Our Neutral Brandy is a remarkable ‘Vodka’. It's an exceptional spirit that you can sip and enjoy like fine Cognac or Scotch. It has notes of stone fruits laced with soft subtle peppercorns. Clean, elegant, and well-balanced, our Neutral Brandy boasts a crisp citrus finish and named as one of the top spirits in the world by Wine Enthusiast in 2011. But, why do we call it Neutral Brandy?

As many of our longtime fans know, we make a neutral spirit from 100% Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc grapes, but we used to label it Vodka. For those spirit savvy among us, according to the Federal Government, Vodka isn’t classified by ingredients but by how it is made. Due to California ABC laws at the time, we found we couldn’t call it Vodka and offer it direct to our guests. With a slight tweak to the label, our Napa Reserve Neutral Brandy was born.

The law has since changed to allow us to produce Vodka for our fans. However, we decided not to change it back to Vodka, because we have fallen in love with what our Neutral Brandy represents: exclusivity, uniqueness, and a spirit that goes against the grain. ;)

Our Neutral Brandy can enjoyed as a premium Vodka, however, we recommend enjoying it lightly chilled and neat.