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Napa Valley Bitters - Island Ginger Syrup

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Napa Valley Bitters has faithfully dedicated 5 years to the art and craft of the cocktail. Proprietor, and self-proclaimed “Bitter Man”, Ian Winget meticulously crafts all-natural cocktail ingredients to inspire the creative mixologist within all of us.

Formerly focusing exclusively on Cocktail Bitters, NVB is proud to introduce it’s second delightful cocktail syrup – Island Ginger Syrup.  NVB’s IGS packs a hefty ginger kick, which is perfect for any and all Mule Cocktails – Moscow, Kentucky, and Jalisco.  Following the initial ginger blast, a light dusting of warm baking spices momentarily dance on your tongue and are framed nicely by a refreshing lemon tartness. Cheers!