Coffee Pecan Bitters (1oz) - NV Bitters
Premium cocktail bitters crafted in Napa!

Coffee Pecan Bitters (1oz) - NV Bitters

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/ 1oz / 29ml bottle
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Coffee Pecan Bitters: This flavor is fueled by a 4 year Bourbon finished for 1 year in a Napa Valley Port Cask. Loaded with tons of Napa Valley Coffee Roasting coffee - 'Napa Valley Bitters Blend', hand-crushed and toased pecans, raw cacao nibs and cinnamon this bitters packs a wallop that can be smelt on the other side of the bar. Balanced with burdock, dandelion and black pepper make this bitters a one of a kind treat. It is lightly sweetened with a home made rich syrup of organic golden cane sugar and filtered water. 

Stellar in Dark Rum, Bourbon and Rye drinks. 

Great in deserts or as a steak marinade. Trust us!

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