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Napa Valley Bitters - Banana Bitters

Napa Valley Bitters - Banana Bitters

For the love of all things BANANA!
Premium cocktail bitters crafted in Napa!
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/ 1oz / 29ml bottle
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Banana Bitters? WTF? Yes, indeed. All natural (real organic bananas!) Banana Bitters will surprise and delight even the staunchest critics and set the adventurous free. 

Real organic bananas were meticulously sliced in rondelles, dehydrated, macerated in rum. Then we added a secret blend of baking spices, bittering herbs and that's it! Reminiscent of Bananas Foster, sweet, unmistakably true banana flavor, warm spices, and nice slightly bitter finish. PERFECT for libations based in Bourbons, Ryes, Rums, Repesado Tequila, and Vodka! 

Flapper's Delight:

2 oz Bourbon (high corn mash bill)
.5 oz Simple Syrup
.25 oz fresh lemon juice
2 droppers full of NVB Banana Bitters

Shake hard, strain into a chilled coup, garnish with a thin slice of banana. Enjoy and repeat.