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Rum Cordial

Napa Valley Distillery

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/ 1 375ml bottle

The Rum Cordial is the newest addition to our extremely popular line of Cordials. This delectable spirit starts its formation as we age our special blend of Rum in 3 different types of barrels: Fresh Oak, used Napa Valley Port, and used Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. After two years, we proof the Rum down, and add our Top Secret sugar blend into it. Once complete, this tasty potion is transformed into a complex three-dimensional spirit with many delightful layers of flavor that dance on your palette. You can pick up the hearty and grassy flavor of the rum, complimented by vanilla and caramel notes and the rich fruity taste and color added by the Napa Valley Port and Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.

To honor the uniqueness of this cordial Rum, we recommend drinking it neat, after dinner, on a porch swing, listening to the summer crickets. If you would like to flex your mixology muscles, the Rum Cordial will dazzle in a Rum Swizzle and amaze in a Rum Fashioned.