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Mojito Cocktail

Gone but not forgotten!

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/ 375mL Bottle
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There are a lot of legends about the first cocktail ever made, but the Mojito has one of the best. According to cocktail mythology, the Mojito was created in 1586, when Sir Francis Drake, Knight at Sea to the English, or the pirate El Draque to the Spanish, was stranded outside of Havana, Cuba. The explorer was using local medicine to keep himself and his crew healthy, and chose mint (for digestion), lime (for scurvy), chuchuhuasi bark soaked in Rum (for dysentery), and sugar (to make it palatable). It sounds very similar to the modern day recipe we use to make a Mojito!

The NVD Mojito was made with the origins in mind. Sir Francis Drake sits on the label, reminding us all of a time when cocktails were
also known for their health benefits. We made this with our white rum, mint, lime, and a special blend of simple syrup. Just shake and enjoy
with a fresh sprig of mint!