Ancho Leon Brandy

Ancho Leon Brandy

Napa Valley Distillery

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/ 375ml bottle
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What is it? Ancho Leon is an ancho chili-infused aged Brandy. In truth, it is made similarly to other NVD favorites: Brandy Cordial and the Grand California. Ancho Leon starts its life as a 3yr aged Brandy, we then re-age the Brandy in Baby Bourbon barrels for 6-12 months so that it takes on those delightful Bourbon notes. We then add many, many, many ancho chilies to infuse for a fortnight so that the Brandy has adequate time to fully absorb the complex flavor of the ancho chilies. 

What’s in a name? Ancho chilies are the dried version of the poblano peppers common in Mexican cuisine (now ubiquitous state-side) – think chile rellenos. Ancho chilies have a deep red color and a wrinkled skin. They are sweet and smoky with a flavor slightly reminiscent of raisins. Their heat is mild to medium-hot.

Finally, Leon is lion – yes, like a tribute to the lion in our logo. The result is a unique, medium-spicy, slightly sweet liqueur of extraordinary charm and depth. We highly recommend that you try Ancho Leon in all of your standard repertoire of libations to give them a certain je ne sais quoi. Also, try your hand at creating your own bespoke libations that will delight your taste buds as much as your guests at your next cocktail soirée.

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