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Rumslinger - 4yr

Napa Valley Distillery

Rumslinger - 4yr
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New Release! 4 Year Rum – Aged to perfection.

With our first release of Rum we declared something very important, “We love Rum.” Rum (for better or worse) represents the original Spirit of America. This American Rum of significance was born in Florida, and raised in California.

Wait! What does that even mean?

Napa Valley Distillery acquired this rum from an undisclosed, yet infamous distillery in Florida. We knew right away that this was a fantastic rum, and that it would be even more impressive if we finished it in casks that previously housed Napa Valley Port Wine. Which is exactly what we did.

This remarkable rum spent a lengthy 10 months maturing in our distillery and was exposed to the relatively large temperature swings that CA can offer up each year. These extreme temperature differences - often up to 45 degree swings in the summer – allow for maximum expansion and contraction of the wood which provides maximum extraction from the oak barrels. This process gives this rum a finish like no other.

It also offers a rich mahogany color, velvety texture on the pallet and elevated notes of butterscotch, caramel, brown sugar, and dried fruit on the long and luxurious finish. Each sip will take you back to the storied days of swash buckling ne’er-do-wells of Caribbean pirate fame. Drink up me Harties! Yo-ho! 

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