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Mozart - Chocolate Bitters


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/ 2oz / 59ml bottle
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The essence of chocolate!

Mozart Chocolate Bitters are liquid dark chocolate, highly concentrated to flavour drinks and dishes. 

Quintessential taste The taste of Mozart Chocolate Bitters unfolds only in the drink. 

While sipping a concoction; a note of cocoa touches your palate and leaves a subtle but clear hint of finest gourmet chocolate. 

Exclusive ingredients 
Barrel aged cocoa macerate is the base for Mozart Chocolate Bitters. Forastero and Trinitario cocoa from West Africa are macerated in a fine sugar cane alcohol from South Africa. Further ingredients are extracts from spices like nutmeg and cloves as well as vanilla. 

Elaborate production 
Cocoa macerate is aged for a few months in oak barrels and then blended with extracts from spices. These spices are also steeped in fine sugar cane alcohol. After blending we store again using a special system to concentrate even more and harmonize all ingredients. This result in an intense taste of all components.

Five Island Tea Punch 

60ml Banks 5 Island Rum 
20ml sugar cane syrup 
20ml lime juice 
80ml intense black tea 
2 Dashes Mozart Chocolate Bitters 

Preparation: add all ingredients to the shaker, fill up with ice cubes and shake hard. Strain into pre-chilled glass. 
Glass: tumbler 
Garnish: fresh grated nutmeg

Kola Old Fashioned 

60ml Sierra Milenario Extra Anejo Tequila 
10ml Kola Tonic 
1 Dash Mozart Chocolate Bitters 

Preparation: put all ingredients into glass, fill up with ice cubes and stir cold. 
Glass: tumbler 
Garnish: orange twist