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Lazzaroni - Amaretto Italian Cocktail Cherries, 400g Jar

Ohhh, so Amaretto!

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/ 12oz / 400g jar
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These gourmet cherries are nothing like the bright-red, sticky-sweet maraschino cherries used at dive bars across the globe. Instead, they are lovingly crafted by Lazzaroni, the company that has been making authentic Italian amaretto since 1851. Each jar is filled to bursting with wild black AM arena cherries that have been harvested by hand in the picturesque Apulia region of Italy. The cherries are carefully soaked in a special syrup that relies heavily on the sweetness of amaretto to counterbalance their natural tartness. Whether you want to craft a Manhattan that's truly mouthwatering or add a little special something to your next sundae, these amaretto cocktail cherries from Lazzaroni are as versatile as they are delicious.

  • Made using wild, black am arena cherries from the Apulia region in Italy
  • Flavored with Lazzaroni amaretto
  • Lazzaroni has been making authentic Italian amaretto in saronno, Italy since 1851
  • Contains 50% candied cherries and 50% syrup
  • Each whole, dark red, pitted cherry has a sweet tart flavor that will enhance any cocktail