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Inna Pickle - Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons


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/ 9oz / 266ml jar
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Inna's Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons are made with less salt than traditional preserved lemons - they are meant to be eaten in their entirety: rind, fruit, and juice! (No need to rinse off excess salt as with traditional preserved lemons - simply use them as they are).

Salt-preserved meyer lemons are an old-world method of preserving lemons - they're made from organic meyer lemons and kosher salt that have been cured over a period of time to develop their flavors. They're amazing with any steamed veggies (asparagus, green beans, kale, broccoli, etc), chicken tajine, fish, pasta, lentil soup, fava beans… They brighten up any recipe and add a savory umami touch, a pop of brightness and acidity, and some saltiness, too! In our home kitchens preserved meyer lemons are a secret weapon - simply chop up a piece or two and mix with your dish, serve whole pieces of lemon alongside meat dishes, add the juice brine to a salad dressing, or use that juice brine to make a mezcalrita!

INGREDIENTS: organic meyer lemons, kosher salt