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El Dragon Cocktail

Add some spice to your daiquiri!

United States of America
Napa, CA
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/ 375ml bottle
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We find inspiration for our products in many different ways. Sometimes we are inspired by old cocktail books or a new cocktail bar. Maybe inspiration strikes in a dream. Inspiration can even come from places around the world, like our East India Cocktail, Panama Rye, and Old Hollywood Ginn.

Our newest cocktail is inspired by Kulkulkan, the plumed serpent deity worshiped by the ancient Mayans in the area we now know as the Yucatán peninsula, believed to be the patron deity of the Urban center, and a god of culture and civilization. Folklore tells how Kulkulkan flew up to the sun and tried to speak to it but the sun, in its pride, burnt his tongue.

This cocktail is our take on a spicy Rum Fashioned, we balance Rum, ginger syrup and our own Ancho Leon so your tongue won’t end up like Kulkulkan’s. All you need to enjoy this cocktail is a glass and ice, but to take it up a notch, shake with some lime juice to make a spicy ginger Daiquiri.