Distillers Blend Whiskey 375ml

Distillers Blend Whiskey 375ml


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/ 375ml bottle

Questions we have probably all asked ourselves at one time: "How much can one taste before their tastebuds are just done?" Whether it's wine, beer, or spirits, we all look at the "Professionals" with a sense of awe that they can even remain functional after tasting 100s of different spirits, let alone give an opinion. For our Distiller's Blend Whiskey, Tim tasted over 200 different types of Rye, Bourbon, Malt Whiskey, and Scotch. "It was important to me to not just make something I thought tasted great, but something I thought could be enjoyed on it's own, mixed into a cocktail, or poured into a glass. I wanted it to be a 'Do-Anything' Whiskey." Finding the right whiskeys, was only half the battle. Blending Whiskeys, also meant matching the barrel flavors that transfer as it is aged. Through trial and error, and more trial after that, Tim figured out that aged American Malt Whiskey, would blend wonderfully with the oaky vanilla of Bourbon, giving it a bright taste, smooth finish, and a natural earthiness that is perfect for any occasion.

Whiskey – 40% ALC by VOL.

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