Daiquiri Cocktail

Daiquiri Cocktail


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/ 375ml bottle
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With the introduction of Rum to our lineup, the Daiquiri was an obvious choice for our new oak infused Cocktail. Not only is the Daiquiri the perfect cocktail for a hot summer day, but it is the perfect time in our history to celebrate the culture, music, food, and drinks of Cuba.

 Legend has it that after a hard day’s work in the hot tropical weather of Cuba, a man named Jennings Cox invited some guests to his home for a much-needed drink. Finding that he lacked an adequate stock of imported Gin, Cox realized he only had local rum to serve his guests, which he refused to serve straight. Looking around his kitchen, he decided to add a small amount of lime juice and sugar. After just a few sips, Cox and his guests realized they were on to something special, worthy of a name that would stand out in a crowd. Being just a short distance from the village of Daiquiri, they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect title for this most refreshing cocktail. 

As they would say back in the day “Have one in Havana!”, but if you can’t, now you can have one in the comfort of your own home!

Recognized Cocktail – 32% ALC by VOL.

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