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/ 2oz / 60ml bottle
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Why another orange bitters? Because bitter orange is a fundamental flavor that is essential in a wide range of cocktails. Many orange bitters fall short because they are really aromatic bitters with orange tacked on, and it is lost among competing flavors. 

Theirs is an elemental orange flavor, complemented by fennel and layered anise notes. 

Inspired in a Martini, but also at home with almost any spirit.

Punk Gin 

2 oz gin, Plymouth preferred 
2 or 3 lusty squeezes of Cocktailpunk Cherry, Orange, or Aromatic Bitters lemon twist 

Add bitters to a small well-chilled coupe, swirl to coat the glass and discard the excess. Add the gin, and garnish with a lemon twist, expressing oils into the drink. 

Pink Gin, modernized. For gin-lovers, or the British. A perfect way to appreciate any of the Cocktailpunk bitters. 

Rosé of Cimarron 

1.5 oz Astral Tequila 
1 oz rosé vermouth 
.25 oz agave syrup 
.5 oz lime juice 
1 squeeze Cocktailpunk Orange bitters 

Shake, strain, and serve up in in chilled coupe. Garnish with a lime twist, expressing oils into the drink. 

Not just any blanco tequila will do. Astral really is something special, and this drink was perfected by it.

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