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Book - Distilled Stories - California Artisans Behind the Spirits

Featuring NVD's Proprietor Arthur Hartunian!

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The style of each Distilled Story is also different, just like each hand-crafted distilled spirit is different. No two Gins or Whiskies are alike. There was no attempt to create a template for the distillers to follow to tell their backstories. They were given complete "literary freedom." The result is their own words, unfiltered. This is a book about the distillers and distilleries that have in very recent years emerged on the California landscape. New post-prohibition laws are finally acquiescing to the distillery and giving their blessings to tasting rooms and sales. Cocktails are becoming fashionable once again. As such, distilled spirits are all the rage and cocktail bars feature hand-crafted spirits for their specialty drinks.