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Blue Henry - Bittered Pineapple


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/ 6oz

Just in time for Tiki season, meet this amazing bittered dehydrated fruit garnish – Candied Pineapple!

Each 6 oz jar includes both whole and half slices of pineapples – between 15-20 pieces.  Pineapples are steeped in syrup, dehydrated and then lightly coated with Blue Henry Spirits own bitters infused organic sugar.  The final product is pliable in texture – similar to fruit leather, and the light coating of sugar adds a nice bite.

FYI - 
All natural products will always have a shorter shelf-life than those that have preservatives.  
Dehydrating and candying are natural ways to preserve fruits.  By removing the moisture there is no food supply for microorganisms to thrive.  By washing the fruit very well we also avoid contamination.  Once the products are processed by us, we package immediately in air tight packaging to reduce spoilage.
Because we don’t use preservatives you may see your items start to darken in color over time.  This is natural.
The best by date is when the flavor it at its height, but the fruit will not spoil as long as it it kept air tight.