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Bittered Sling - Kensington Dry Aromatic Bitters (120ml)


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/ 120ml bottle
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Inspired by and named for the vibrant, storied and diverse Toronto neighbourhood renowned for its historic Market district, this extract is a blend of classic, dry aromatic bitters and intense herbal, high-resin spice, citrus and root flavours, making it an incredibly versatile addition to the Bittered Sling family of extracts and offering a unique twist for both classic cocktails and innovative mixology.

Beverage recommendations: Good for what ails ya! For use with soda and a wedge of lemon, to Old Fashioneds and the like, to the innovative and advent garde, this is our classic aromatic bitters that brings out the best in an incredibly versatile collection of cocktails.

Cooking recommendations: A spice pantry in a bottle, Kensington Dry Aromatic is a dynamic culinary blend, which lends a smoky, sweet spice and notes of savoury herbs. Excellent for marinades and long, slow cooking, as well as a finishing element for soups, broths and sauces.