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Bang Candy - Peach Basil Nectar Syrup
Bang Candy Peach Basil

Bang Candy - Peach Basil Nectar Syrup

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/ 4oz / 118ml bottle
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Basil is known as the 'King of Herbs and Peaches are regal in their own right, roll out the red carpet for this royal marriage of flavors. Just add Prosecco for a heavenly Bellini with a twist! A splash in sparkling water makes for a delicious refreshing soda, a staff favorite!

Pimms Cup
What more could a body crave on a sunny day? A delightful cooling fruity boozy elixir.... Not just to be found on croquet lawns and at tennis matches, You can have this in your back garden, on your porch swing, on your own or mixed up in a big pitcher to share with others. You cannot loose with this classic summer cocktail.

I oz Pimms no.1
1 oz NVD Old Hollywood Ginn
1 oz Bang Candy Co. Peach Basil Syrup
1 Strawberry
3 mint leaves
2 slices of cucumber
Soda water

Gently muddle cukes, strawberry and mint in a large glass. Shake up Gin, Pimms and Peach Basil Syrup in a shaker. Add ice to large glass, pour booze over it, top off with soda water. Light stir. Bob's your uncle! Paradise!

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