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B.G. Reynolds' Syrups - Falernum Syrup

B.G. Reynolds' Syrups - Falernum Syrup

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle
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The classic Jamaican flavoring! A combination of A combination of ginger, clove, almond and lime that is an unbeatable taste sensation. A required tool in the tropical bartender’s backbar, this adds tons of kick to any cocktail!

Corn ‘N Oil
Sometimes cocktail ingredients have enough complexity on their own that you don't have to do too much with them. The Corn 'n' Oil is a perfect example, with only three ingredients, counting the pinch of lime. The Corn 'n' Oil is a traditional drink from Barbados, whose name and etymology has yet to be discovered.

1.5 oz Blackstrap Rum
.5 oz B.G.Reynolds’ Falernum

Fill a rocks glass with crushed ice and add both. Stir gently, and enjoy with a straw.