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Australian Bitters Co. - Grapefruit Bitters

Just 3 drops will do ya!
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/ 5oz / 125ml bottle

Grapefruit peel and a good helping of natural herbs. Yes, there isn’t much more than that to their Australian Bitters Grapefruit. It is a surprisingly humble concoction that’s the end result of their traditional maceration and extraction techniques. However, not to be understated, this can give a Hemingway Daiquiri, that little extra punch

Coconut Swizzle

45ml Rumslinger Rum
2 dashes of Grapefruit Australian Bitters
Coconut water
2 lime wedges
Slices of Coconut

Fill a Highball glass with ice. Pour in Rum. Splash 2 dashes of Australian Bitters. Add Coconut water. Garnish with limes and a slice or two of coconut.