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Angostura - Orange Bitters

Exotic and Versatile, try with your favorite Rum

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/ 5oz / 148ml bottle
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Angostura Orange Bitters are made from the peels of sun-ripened Caribbean oranges grown in lush, green orchards located in Trinidad. These oranges are hand-picked by select citrus growers and harvested only within the rainy season to ensure ultimate freshness and taste. 

Clear and with an unparalleled depth of flavour, Angostura Orange Bitters are exotic and versatile. While they work incredibly well with any spirit they especially add real depth of flavor to Rum. 

Tasting Notes Angostura Orange Bitters is not bitter when added to food and drink. Its rich and bold flavors are derived from an array of unique and local herbs and spices giving it a dry and intense orange zest flavor.

Recipe to try:

Rum Old Fashioned  

2 parts Bacardi Dark rum
2 dashes Angostura Orange Bitters
1 splash of water
1-2 tsp sugar
cubed ice
To garnish: Orange peel

How to mix

Add the sugar cube/granulated sugar and Angostura Orange Bitters to a rocks glass with a single ice cube.  Stir the mix until the ice cube has melted enough to dissolve the sugar – if you’re using a sugar cube you’ll need to crush it. Add another 3 to 4 ice cubes and half of the Bacardi Dark rum then stir for around 60 seconds. Top up the glass with more ice and add the rest of the Bacardi Dark rum, then stir for another 60 seconds. Cut a piece of orange peel about the size of your thumb (be careful not to bend it yet). Hold the piece of orange peel over the glass and bend it to release some oil into the drink. Add the orange peel to the drink, stir a couple more times and serve. It’s well worth the wait.