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Addition Cocktail Spice - Szechuan Pepper Tincture

Addition Cocktail Spice - Szechuan Pepper Tincture

For a Spicy Gin & Tonic that will knock your socks off!
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/ 4oz / 118ml bottle
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The reality-warping Szechuan Pepper brings amazing floral and citrus notes along with heat that’s different from other peppers and chilies; Szechuan peppers will play tricks on your mouth with the tactile, prickly sensations they impart. Add Szechuan to a G&T, a Manhattan, or try it as a substitute for aromatic bitters.


Recipes to try:

Vodka Tonic with Szechuan Pepper & Rosemary

Highball Glass
2oz Vodka
Tonic Water
2-3 blasts* Szechuan Pepper Cocktail Spice
2 blasts* Rosemary Cocktail Spice


Fill highball glass with ice
Add Szechuan Pepper & Rosemary Cocktail Spice
Add Vodka
Fill to the top with tonic water

You can substitute gin for the vodka, and make a Gin & Tonic!

*a blast is a measurement describing one eyedropper of Cocktail Spice - approx 25 drops

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