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Australian Bitters Co. - Orange Bitters

Sun-drenched Orange From Down Unda'
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/ 5oz / 125ml bottle

Australian Bitters Orange is made using time honoured maceration and extraction techniques. Simply put, they take a blend of the best herbs around, add orange peel, then extract the bitters flavours over time. The end result is something you’d trade your soul for. Try a drop or three in an Old Fashioned or Dry Martini and you’ll see what they mean. 

Byron Dreaming

60ml Vodka
15ml Raspberry or Orange Liqueur
15ml Sweet Vermouth
15ml Fresh Lime Juice
3 dashes of Australian Orange Bitters

Add all ingredients to ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake hard until sufficiently chilled and diluted. Strain into ice filled highball glass. Garnish with lime twist.