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Small Hand Foods - Pineapple Gum Syrup (8.5oz) Image

A pineapple-infused gum syrup made by pressing fresh fruit and blending it with gum syrup, resulting in a golden amber syrup with high viscosity, bright acidity and exceptionally rich mouthfeel.

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/ 8.5oz / 251ml bottle
Small Hand Foods - Grenadine (8.5oz) Image

This grenadine is made from pomegranates and cane sugar; no water or other ingredients added. The bright acidity and tannic backbone of this syrup will transform any drink that uses it.

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/ 8.5oz / 251ml bottle
Tait Farms - Cranberry Shrub Image

Made with whole cranberries, this Cranberry Shrub captures the tart essence of America's native fruit. It makes a delicious spritzer when mixed with sparkling water, or try making a Cape Cod Shrub using vodka, sparkling water and ice.

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle
Liber & Co. - Tonic Syrup Image

Liber brews their Tonic Syrup as an uncarbonated concentrate. This makes it extend well beyond G & Ts as a general cocktail mixer that provides remarkable depth of flavor. Below are some of our favorite recipes for it.

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