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Napa Valley Distillery

We're the original Napa Valley Distillery & the first distillery to open its doors in the city of Napa since Prohibition.
Family owned and operated by Arthur and Lusine Hartunian, Napa Valley Distillery was founded on one basic principal - Make it different! Our creativity is driven by two questions.

Why and Why not?
Why.. as in why do the same as others?
Why not...as in why not make it different?

Using this mantra, we create rare and unique craft spirits with a taste and character unlike anything else. Our spirits are singular in method and materials and our work has received numerous awards and international acclaim.


In a world, where one Ginn is not enough...

A very different, yet equally scandalous, blend of nine botanicals will transport you to a relaxing poolside on a summer desert morning.

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Refreshing and bright, this cocktail is no hoax!  We begin with our Old Hollywood Ginn, a dash of our special sugar, and fresh lemon juice for this rascally cocktail.  

Just add ice, shake and top with a spritz of soda for a refreshing beginning or end to any day!

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/ 375ml bottle