Napa Valley Distillery

We're the original Napa Valley Distillery & the first distillery to open its doors in the city of Napa since Prohibition.
Family owned and operated by Arthur and Lusine Hartunian, Napa Valley Distillery was founded on one basic principal - Make it different! Our creativity is driven by two questions.

Why and Why not?
Why.. as in why do the same as others?
Why in why not make it different?

Using this mantra, we create rare and unique craft spirits with a taste and character unlike anything else. Our spirits are singular in method and materials and our work has received numerous awards and international acclaim.

Creme de Violette 200ml Image

Crème De Violette is a sweet liqueur made with Violet flowers. Though the name suggests the addition of cream, the word Crème refers to the silky smooth texture and mouthfeel of the liqueur. In true NVD form, we decided to break from tradition just enough to stand out from the crowd.

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Grand California 375ml Image

Delicious in a margarita, a daiquiri or solo. Our Grand California (pronounced Gran Cal-i-for-nigh-ay) is our version of Grand Marnier - an all-natural orange infused aged California Brandy with a touch of sweetness.

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East India Cocktail Image

The EAST INDIA is a classic cocktail that dates back to the 1830s. Our Chief of Cocktail Officer handcrafts each small batch using our own award winning craft spirits and all natural ingredients.

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Manhattan Cocktail Image

This libation is a variation of the classic Manhattan cocktail is crafted from our own California Brandy, California Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters. Classic and timeless, the end result is an extraordinary taste and character that no amount of shaking or stirring can give.

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Q. What's the best gift ever?

A. Booze that they get to choose!

Solution: A Napa Valley Distillery virtual Gift Certificate in 4 convenient denominations.

Choose from $25, $50, $100 or $200 (for just $190, save 5%) and give the gift they've always wanted.

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