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Taylor Stroud
December 14, 2018 | || Meet the Team || | Taylor Stroud

Ryan Lindblom - Bar Club Concierge

Bar Club Concierge 

(& EMT if need be!)

Everybody, meet Ryan – our Bar Club Concierge!

Ryan was born and raised in the Bay Area, specifically Oakland and Vallejo. Ryan studied at Solano Community College and Napa Valley College. Fun fact: he was a certified EMT!

Regardless of where Ryan has worked, be it in restaurants or wineries, he has always had a dedication to the field of hospitality. All of these experiences have helped hone his hospitality skills in preparation for his current position at Napa Valley Distillery – where he has been for over a year!

Before Ryan joined our staff, he was actually a Bar Club member for almost three years. His appreciation for our Distillery’s products were part of the reason he was so inspired to become a part of the team behind them.

As Bar Club Concierge, Ryan is the go-between our Club Members and our Club Department overall. Aside from answering emails and phone calls and helping our Club Members with their shipments and memberships, Ryan’s position has recently evolved even further. On the weekends you can find him leading tours and tastings at our Grand Tasting Salon! He is also developing a new tasting experience for our Club Members that would include a food pairing with our spirits (stay tuned later this year!)

Ryan’s favorite spirits Napa Valley Distillery makes are the Summer Sequel Ginn, the 2007 Bourbon Mash Whiskey, and our Crème de Violette. In the future, he would love for NVD to release a kombucha and more gins! 

Ryan’s favorite places to eat and drink in Napa are Ca’momi and Cadet.

As for his cocktail of choice, it’s simple; he says ideally it has three ingredients – one of which being ice. When he goes out he prefers a gin and tonic. As for what he likes to eat, he loves his plate to be colorful and rich with heirloom veggies. This is a nod to his passion of gardening – he includes the idea of a fantastic garden in his 10-year plan of building a house on a plot of land he owns.

Come do a tour and tasting with Ryan at the Grand Tasting Salon!


Deep Das's Gravatar
Deep Das
@ Dec 19, 2018 at 3:19 AM
looks great i would definitely try that

Chinku Chaurasia's Gravatar
Chinku Chaurasia
@ Mar 9, 2019 at 11:46 PM
Thats an amazing blog. Will definitely visit Grand Tasting Salon.

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